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Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Year!!! - Wishing it was sooner.

Why did I ever stress about making decisions for the wedding?! (I am sure several people are having "I told you so" moments right about now.) I mean besides the fact that people were asking what our plans are for the wedding, the persistent questioning only lasted for a month or two. The questioning did make the first two months a little crazy though. Next September 17th seems like a lifetime away now.

We chose our date for several reasons, but now we feel like if we could, we would get married sooner. Tomorrow even. . . Obviously we wouldn't do that to our friends and family, but I hope you can see what we are thinking. When Sam asked me to marry him, that was it! To me, our lifetime commitment to each other was made at that moment. Now after five months of being engaged and to have to wait a year longer to be recognized as legally married seems silly.

Where are we in the process you might ask? This week I will email our priest and try to book the church. I am trying to be content with looking at blogs for inspiration and reading up on ways to save money, but there is only so much you can look at before your head spins.

This weekend will be a welcome reprieve from wedding planning. I am going to Philly for my sister's bachelorette party! :-)

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