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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Let's review. . .

I wanted to give you a few wedding day details that Sam and I have settled on since we got engaged at the end of April.

1.  September 2010 - We had a few reasons for selecting September. First, to give ourselves time to save to pay for a wedding.  Second, to give my parents time to relax after my sister's October 2009 nuptuals.  And last, it won't be too hot.  (See reason #2)

2.  A DC Wedding! 
-  Sam and I decided our wedding would be in DC because this is our home and this is where we fell in love.  It would certainly be less expensive if we plan our wedding in the North Country, but there are only so many venues and vendors in the North Country and I didn't want to be a copycat to my sister's wedding.  Plus, there is so much to see and do in DC!  Since moving here in 2005, I have found it to be completely surreal to live in a place steeped in culture and history.  There are monuments, museums, historical homes, the National Zoo (One of our personal favorites!), and fabulous restaurants.  The best part - a lot of these places are free!  I love vacations where I don't have to pay to see the sites! :-)

3.  Friday night - We decided to have our ceremony and reception on a Friday night because it is less expensive and with our financial goals of home-buying and paying off our student loans, we need to be able to cut excess costs.  Rule # 1 of keeping your wedding costs low - Booking a reception site on a Friday night instead of the more expensive and more sought after Saturday night.  We  understand that this may make it difficult for some of our guests to attend, but we are hoping that the wedding and the charm of DC will encourage our guests to take a long weekend to see the sights and enjoy all that DC has to offer.

That's it for now.  More to come soon!

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