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Saturday, September 5, 2009

376 Days - We're surrounded. . .

. . . by boxes. The move yesterday went without a hitch. Thank goodness! Although, I wish I had taken a picture of this place to give you an idea of everything we moved. For only living in a one bedroom apartment, we certainly have a lot of stuff.

We couldn't walk into the kitchen yesterday without climbing over our dining room table, several rows of boxes, rubbermaid bins stacked three high, as well as our all our dining chairs. It was a mess that we chose not to look at until this morning. Today, we unpacked a large portion of the boxes, but there are still a lot of our belongings that we don't know what to do with that are scattered. Oh well for now. The majority of it is behind the sofa. So if we sit on the sofa and only face forward, we can avoid the whole mess entirely.

PS - Here's the last look at the old place before we said goodbye. . .

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