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Friday, November 27, 2009

294 Days - Bonnie & Clyde

Meet the newest members of our family - Bonnie & Clyde! They are two month old rescue kittens from the Animal Rescue League of Arlington. They were in a litter of six known as The Breakfast Club. (They were "Eggs & Bacon" haha!) Bonnie is grey and white and Clyde is black, white and very fluffy!

We have been wanting to make an addition to our home for a while and have been in debates over a dog or a cat. We finally decided we would get a cat because we would feel guilty leaving a dog home all day while we are at work. Of course, one cat turned to into two kittens. Since the kittens were in the same litter and were socialized, we decided if we got two they would be able to keep each other company during the day. Plus that's twice the lovin' and the cuteness!

Please meet our little loves:

I am also proud of our decision. Today, there were no vacancies at the Rescue League. They were filled to the brim. It was so sad. If we had our way, we would have taken them all! Of course, I would have been a crazy cat lady, as a result, but if you look up the definition of sadness, you'll see a picture of a cat or a dog in a shelter. Go get a rescue kitty!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

305 Days - Things that make you go, "Ooooh!"

I love my wedding dress and I am so excited to wear it, but if an unlimited budget came around and I got the option to wear a reception dress, this would be it, my friends:

LOVE! Its so simple and elegant. Beautiful lines. Stunning fabric. Dear J.Crew, stop sending me catalogs with dresses that make my heart melt.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

313 Days - The Name Game

This seems trivial, but I am currently making a list of all of the derivations of what my name could be after the wedding. Sam has consistently said that it is my decision about what my name should be after the wedding. (He actually just suggested that I change my last name to MunnsterPenny. I'll take it into consideration.)

I'm pretty torn. I have been Rachel Munn for 26 years. Its everything I have ever known. It represents who I am and what I have made for myself as an individual. However, being called Mrs. Rachel Batkins is very exciting. I feel like a lot of little girls practice writing out their name and attach their future husband's last name. I won't lie. I've done it. I get butterflies when I write out my name with Sam's last name and I can't help but smile. Also, I don't think there is a way you can mispronounce Batkins. Munn, on the other hand, has resulted in being called Miss Moon on several occasions, including my graduation ceremony from American and meetings at work.

It seems like the name game is a pretty common debate. Decisions can be based on a woman's perspective on her lifestyle, which can tend toward feminism or traditionalism. Women ask themselves questions like, am I abandoning my last name if I take his last name? Wouldn't I want the same last name as the family we become when we get married? If I keep my name, monograms would never work. Haha!

Thankfully, I have 313 days to make this decision. If we are three days before the wedding and I haven't decided yet, that is the time to start showing concern.