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Saturday, September 5, 2009

376 Days - Other things

We do other things besides moving. Just a heads up.

Today, we spent the afternoon with Andrew, Marisa and Mia, our favorite friends that live in our neighborhood. Andrew and Sam watched the Georgia game and the Michigan game and Marisa, Meemers and I went to walk around the mall. We looked at wedding invites, jewelry for my sister's wedding, and continued the search for green recycled glass. (We found some, but I have come to the conclusion that mile long lines and I don't mix well. So we made a hasty bee-line exit.)

Marisa and I also discussed what kind of flowers we might do for the wedding and whether we would go the do-it-yourself route and order wholesale or whether we would let a florist take care of it. If we did go DIY, I thought it might be something fun for me and my bridesmaids to do the night before the wedding. I'd get all the supplies and the flowers and they would each make their own bouquet and put together centerpieces. Less expensive than a florist? Probably. Stressful? Also, probably. The florist, on the other hand, would take the stress out of the flowers. Of course it all comes down to price and if it is going to cost an arm and a leg, I am not interested.

I also went for my second run this morning in preparation for the DC AIDS Walk/5K. . . sort of. It was 90 degrees around the time we went to run, so we went to the gym and I climbed on the elliptical machine and "ran" for 25 minutes. Sam and I are running in the 5K on October 3rd. (I know what you are thinking. "A 5K? Big whoop, Rach." but for your information. I am not a runner. We ran this last year and it was a painful day.) I started running this week to start conditioning for the 5K and I am using my sister's October 10th wedding as added motivation. I am hoping this will start some sort of trend where I stay in shape and exercise on a regular basis. My desk job cannot be good for my bottom.

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