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Monday, July 13, 2009

430 Days...A realistic look.

Sometimes I go into magazine and wedding blog overload.  I find myself either so excited about too many potential details or I am completely non-committed and ready to elope.  I need to back up and look at the big picture.  I am marrying the man I love- my best friend.  When I am able to look at the big picture the decisions regarding the color of the flowers and whether we have a band or a DJ seem pretty superficial.  I don't really need to plan anymore for at least a few more months.   We have a reception venue that caters, a photographer, and soon a church.  We are one evite and an ipod away from a wedding! We don't need to rush to book the other vendors and and we can save more for the wedding.  I want to be able to relish our engagement and enjoy the planning. 

Therefore, I think I am going to start my posts with a countdown to the wedding.  This may drive me crazy in about a year, once we get down to the three month marker, but for now I think it will remind me that I am in no hurry.  When I say 430 days out loud, it calms me.  I've got time. 

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