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Sunday, July 26, 2009

417 Days - The Maryland Bar Exam

This is a very big week for us! Sam will take the Maryland Bar Exam on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. We are taking the train up to Baltimore tomorrow evening to get settled and hopefully have a quiet night before the exam. Sam has been studying since mid-May doing Barbri classes and practice exams. Up until a week and a half ago, he was still working at his job during the day and taking the bar prep classes at night. Since then he has been putting in 12 hour days of studying.

I think Sam has been handling the stress of the exam really well. He has been following the Barbri study schedule to the letter and hasn't gotten behind. Also, he has done really (and I mean REALLY) well on the practice questions and exams. I'm so proud of him.

When we spoke about it last week, Sam said he was excited about this week, not because of the test, but because the test will be over. He is right. This is a scary exam, but once it is finished, he is done with law school and studying the law. That calls for a big toast!

Here is to the last time we will see this. . .

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