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Friday, July 17, 2009

426 Days - Everybody's working for the weekend

I just started my job a few weeks ago as a policy analyst for the federal government.  Most people just smile and nod when I attempt to explain what a policy analyst does, and to them, I should just smile and nod back.  (In case your curious, a policy analyst looks at government programs and policies and does all sorts of statistical and analytical techniques in order to conclude whether or not the program/policy operates effectively, efficiently, and/or equitably.)  When I see myself explaining my job description, I imagine the poor, hapless listener staring at me and hearing Charlie Brown's teacher, "wa waa wha waaaaa!"  So I just leave the description at what I have said and 99 percent of the time, the person I am talking to does not press me to divulge further.  

People do like to hear about the benefits, though.   I will tell you about my favorite- a maxiflex schedule!  I work nine hours for nine days every two weeks, as opposed to the normal eight-hour, nine-to-five everyday.  Working nine-hour days, allows me to work my 80 hour schedule in nine days, instead of ten and then I get every other Friday off.  That's right, kids.  Three day weekends every other week!  (Insert heavenly choruses here.)  

"But Rachel, how does that relate to wedding planning?"

Good question.  It doesn't have to do with wedding planning, unless I need it to involve wedding planning.  If I am in a pinch, having every other Friday off gives me the opportunity to meet with vendors and avoid the weekend rush of crazy DC brides.   See below. . . 

Scary, scary ladies. . . EEK!

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