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Saturday, July 3, 2010

75 Days - Gift Registries

"Where are you registered?"

Emily Post and the etiquette gods have explicitly stated that it is beyond rude to include the information in an invitation.  EEK!  Not one to piss off the etiquette gods, I gave the registry card reminders to my sister and she is sending the reminders in my bridal shower invitations.  Woot!  Job done. . . or not.

My friend, Barry, said that the shower reminders are all well and good for the women invited, but how are the dudes supposed to figure it out?  Uhhhh.... I had to look it up.  Martha Stewart informed me that the registry information should be passed on via word of mouth or we could include the information in our wedding website (click here). But just in case you ask my mom and she can't remember or if you think wedding websites are silly, here is our registry info:

Crate & Barrel 

You can search for the registries by our last names and our wedding date.  I'll post a link to this post on the side of my blog under the "Guests: Need to Know Posts" under "Registries". 

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