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Thursday, June 10, 2010

98 Days - Bridal Breakouts - The Sequal

For those of you that have been following my misadventures of wedding planning, you might be asking yourself, "Hey, Rach?  How is that epic breakout going?"* Well, I will tell you, friend, I went back to Proactiv recently.  I used Proactiv for several years when I moved down to DC and had very positive results, but after three years, I discontinued use when my skin started to dry out and I became concerned about premature wrinkles from a thirsty epidermis.  However, with just a few months until the wedding and my skin deciding to add some pressure to the pot, I decided I needed to go back and see if Proactiv could help me out again.  

I've been back on Proactiv for about a week and the results have been somewhat positive.  I'm clearing up, but I have definitely noticed that my skin is super dried out and I need to moisturize often.**  There doesn't appear to be a happy medium in skin care right now.  I've decided to decrease use of Proactiv to once a day and will monitor the situation daily.  I also looked up dermatologists in the area, just in case.  

*For those of you that were not wondering about the epic breakout of May 2010 and were thinking, "TMI, Rach." Sorry you feel that way.  I'm open to a fault and its all a part of wedding planning.

**This might be a good reason to pamper myself with a facial at a spa, but money is always tight and the house down payment that is in our savings account is not going to pay for itself.  Six dollar masks from Lush will have to do the job for now! :) 

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