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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

128 Days - Break outs and the transitive property

Wedding planning on our budget causes me stress.

Stress causes me to break out.

∴ My skin hates me.*

For my married friends, you know that wedding planning isn't always pretty. Four months away from the big day and I am in the midst of the not-so pretty stage.  I am getting to the root of the problem by starting a more structured skin care regimen that will hopefully help me get rid of my current break out/the never-ending break out.  Each day I make sure I am drinking 64 oz of water to keep myself hydrated. Also, in the morning, I use a gentle face wash, followed by a balancing toner, and a facial moisturizer with SPF 20.  In the evening, I am taking the same steps, but also using a spot treatment.  I am using a calming and clarifying mask from Lush twice a week and using a exfoliating treatment once a week.  Our bathroom has turned into a one-stop med spa, except I don't get a hot stone massage at the end. (sadface.)

I am also doing my best to manage my stress from work and wedding planning.  I am taking evenings off to do other activities I enjoy, like cooking and knitting.  I have also started my walking regimen again.  I walked three miles after work last Friday and three miles on Saturday morning.  I also walked the six miles home from work yesterday. (It's not six miles normally.  I took a wrong turn. . . )

Since starting this more structured regimen a few weeks ago, my skin is beginning to look clearer.  I am hoping that by managing my stress levels and focusing on other activities, I will be able to prevent future break outs.  

So, you can probably tell that I have done my research on skin care, but I'd love to know if anyone has any miracle treatments.

*Mrs. LaBarge, my high school math teacher, would be so proud of my real life application of logic proofs!


  1. 1. I constantly use "if p then q" to explain my thinking to people. Logic proofs were by far the best part of math class!

    2. Drink green tea or eat strawberries, blueberries, etc. Antioxidants are the key :)

    3. Stay happy and beautiful!

  2. So I'm way behind on commenting on this, but better late than never. Do you recall the week before the bar exam (3 and 1/2 weeks before our wedding), when 3 gargantuan pimples lined up in a constellation and tried to eat my face?? I vowed that no matter how hideous I had to look in the mean time, they WOULD be gone in time for the wedding. Hot packs at night, followed by neosporin before bed, and only light mineral powder for daytime make-up... miraculously the flesh eating constellation was nowhere to be found on the wedding day. So, while I hope you won't need this advice closer to the big day, I thought I would share it with you just in case :)