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Monday, June 7, 2010

101 Days - Anticipation is building!!

Can you believe when we got engaged, the wedding countdown was 504 days!!  Now we are rounding the 100 day corner and the anticipation is building in the Munn-Batkins household!*

We met with Fr. Avella today to drop off paperwork and discuss our ceremony.  Since Sam was raised Episcopalian, we will celebrate the Catholic rite of marriage outside of mass, where our ceremony will conclude with nuptial blessings and a final prayer from Fr. Avella.  It will be short (about 30 minutes), but very sweet.  

Also, it wouldn't be a good talk with Fr. Avella unless our national past time is a topic of discussion.  Sam and Fr. Avella share an affinity for baseball, so we discussed the much anticipated start of Stephen Strasburg for the Nationals tomorrow.  DC is certainly twitterpated in the hopes that Strasburg will put some wins on the Nats' record and butts in the tax payer funded stadium.

* Sorry it has taken a while to update the blog.  I was busy turning 27, preparing for a big meeting at work, and meeting my nephew. . . in my sister's belly!  Also, the pool opened and you better believe I would rather be floating around than wracking my brain trying to think of ways to save money on the wedding.  Everyone needs a break!

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