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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

338 Days - The List

So its been a while. . . sorry about that. Life has been crazy busy. We are still settling into our new place. My work engagement keeps me at work for nine to ten hours a day. Also, my sister's wedding and all of the details that needed to be covered up to her wedding day were pretty time consuming (Joyful, but time consuming.)

I haven't been too interested in our wedding planning because of everything going on around us, but as disinterested as I have been, I made a list of things that we have made decisions about, what we have accomplished, and what details we need to decide. I figured this list could fulfill blog posts for the next six months. . . such as:

1) The meaning of it all - Our meetings with Fr. Avella - the priest at Our Lady of Lourdes in our neighborhood, Fr. Chris Looby's involvement, Pre-Cana & Foccus;
2) The last name game;
3) To cake or to cupcake?;
4) Can I make a bouquet?!;
5) Can an i-pod wedding reception be any fun?;
6) The attack of the ballooning guest list!
7) Bride-Zen vs. Bridezilla. . .
8) Wedding brew - what to name it?

So I have this list, , but I don't want to talk about those things yet. Instead, I want to watch my sister's wedding video's that Sam recorded. It was a beautiful day, overflowing with love.

My favorite part is right before they kiss! The two of them have so much love and anticipation on their faces! They look ecstatic!

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