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Saturday, September 4, 2010

13 Days - "13 days!"

Ok, I'm stressed, but not in an unproductive way.  This is productive stress.  The stress that makes you call your vendors and put ribbon on your cupcake tower.

Earlier this week, I ordered the cupcakes and started calling my vendors to make sure we are all on the same page.  Today, my friend, Gina, and I brought all of the recycled glass carafes and bud vases to the florist. Now that is a wedding task to check off the list!  The fact that there are two less bins of wedding stuff in my living room makes me feel infinitely more capable of keeping my apartment clean and therefore, much more happy.

There are still some other key tasks that I need to do in the next 13 days:

  • Finish decorating the cupcake tower - I spray painted the cupcake tower a few weeks ago with chalkboard paint and then planned to later glue ribbon along the edges.  I had a plan in place; there was a hot glue gun in a box somewhere and there was no way I could be out of the glue sticks. (I wasn't quite so crafty in the past.)  So the night my friend, Betsy, came down to help me out, I dug  my craft box out of the closet to retrieve my glue gun.  I should have questioned my past craftiness before because the only glue stick I had was in the glue gun and there was no way it would be enough for the entire tower.  So the hunt begins for more glue sticks and then decorating the cupcake tower - part deux can be finished.
  • Programs - They are written.  They are saved on my computer.  They are not printed, yet. 
  • Send the itinerary to the bridal party - I will do this very, very soon!  I promise. (Thank you three day weekend.)
  • Truffles - Next weekend, I plan to be elbow deep in chocolate, making some of the most delicious truffles ever. . . which also means I will be folding and decorating favor boxes.  I have about 1/4 of the boxes finished.  (See the picture and think craft genius while looking at it.)
  • There are other things. . . Decorating at the church, getting the readings to our priest, putting together the "Welcome to DC" letters for our guests, finalizing the menu of the rehearsal dinner, yada yada yada. . .

Don't think that I am not planning on relaxing at all in the next two weeks.  Sam's dad got me a gift certificate to a spa and I plan on getting a manicure and pedicure the Wednesday before the wedding.  It is going to be wonderful!

Check out the finished $10 Challenge - Cake Topper Edition via the lovely Laufa!  Thank you, love!  I may or may not have played wedding with them right after I took this picture. . .

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