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Monday, April 19, 2010

Maid of Honor Guest Blogger

So Rachel is crazy and thought a cure for my recent boredom would be to be a guest blogger to her well written baby. I'm not a foreigner to the blogging world. I tried to blog to describe my wedding plans but lets just say Rachel is much more dedicated and creative than me.

Rachel thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on what I felt were the best, most memorable parts of my wedding and what wasn't so great. So here it goes. . .

Let me say first of all that my wedding was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never had so much fun as I did on that day. I actually still love to go back through my pictures and watch the videos to relive those moments. Hopefully, by looking through some of the pictures I can come up with some inspiration.

My favorite memories of 10.10.09:
1. My brother coming to visit me while I was getting ready was a great surprise and a nice way to help me relax while we were getting ready.
2. Putting on my entire ensemble down to my necklace and shoes. I've never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day!!!
3. I remember the beginning of walking down the aisle with my Dad and then half way down the aisle, I looked at my Dad and then at Randy, started to feel the emotions of the day start to hit me, and then the rest of my walk down the aisle is a complete blank.
4. Hearing Randy tell me his vows!
5. Our first kiss!
6. Being around all of our friends and family (many that we don't get to see very often with our work schedules)! Our reception was a blast because they were there! When push comes to shove, it doesn't matter how much you spent, what your center pieces look like, or what kind of food you have. What matters are the people who are there to celebrate you and your husband! (I do suggest some rockin tunes though)

Some things I believe are highly overrated:
1. Hiring a professional photographer and then having a long list of must have pictures. The guy is a professional. Relax, let him do his job, and get through the must see pictures as soon as possible so you can enjoy your party! It goes by quick, don't miss it!!!!!!
2. Being a micro-manager over small details. It is easy to get worked up over the teeny tiny things. No one really notices and if they are judging you over them then they are at your wedding for the wrong reasons.
3. Bouquet toss: hence why I didn't do one!

My last piece of advice is to remember to take a moment for you and Sam! The day goes by quick and all you need to remember is that the day is for the two of you, not anyone else.

Also, I didn't have this at my wedding but I've decided it is a must:
Thank you etsy.com for this work of genius!

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