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Monday, April 5, 2010

164 Days - $10 Challenge: Round II - The Headband

This go-round, the $10 Challenge was initiated by myself. I have been searching for a few months for a hair accessory that would bring my wedding dress, veil, and fabulous shoes together but with two conditions; 1) It must be under $10, and 2) I must be able to wear it again. 

Fait accompli! 

I went to Anthropologie on Friday to do some "look but may not have" shopping. (Anthro is one of those sick addictions where you can almost convince yourself that $68 Cocktail Spoons are reasonable because they are so cute and . . . useful!)  While meandering between cocktail dresses and scented candles, my friend and I started perusing the accessories table where she noticed this number.  I thought it must be $32 like other Anthro headbands (eek!), but when I looked at the tag, it was on sale for $9.95. Win!

$10 Challenge Score: Rachel - 2; Wedding Industry - 0


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