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Monday, February 15, 2010

214 Days - Fleurs and Centerpiece Planning

So now that V-Day has passed, I will be getting in touch with local florists to discuss options for bouquets, centerpieces, and other decor dealies. I was playing on The Knot today and found some images show the direction I am going in for the centerpieces. (Over there! -->)

Each table will be different with recycled green glass carafes, decanters, bottles, and vases holding a few large blooms in reds, pinks, and peachy oranges. I plan on getting a bunch of small bud vases and adding gold leaf detailing to them to add some depth to the tables.

So that's what I am thinking for centerpieces. If a florist can accomplish this under budget, then woot! I'll sign on the dotted line. If it can't be done, then I guess that is what seven attendants and lots of helpers are for, right?! Everyone has been willing to help out on our wedding day, so we can always go the DIY route and order wholesale flowers. I know we can do it; I have some pretty fabulous and artistic friends. Given all the fabulousness, I am kinda hoping it doesn't come down to the DIY route. I want to relax and have fun with my friends and family the morning of our wedding, not run around worrying about fleurs. I have big plans for a dance party, sing along in the bridal suite with my lady loves. ;-)

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