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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

31 Days – One Month!!! But Who is Counting. . .

I find it incredibly surreal that our wedding is one month away. I have gotten a lot of messages asking me how I am feeling or, more specifically, if I am freaked out. In all honesty, I feel incredibly calm right now, which a lot of blogs call “Wedding Zen”. Although, I am curious whether or not this is faux-“Wedding Zen” and in a week I will be in a wedding panic, and the real Zen part won’t hit me until much closer to the wedding, if at all. In an effort to remain calm, I continue to remind myself that we have been planning this wedding since April of last year and have been an active bridesmaid in four weddings; I know what to expect during the month leading up to the wedding. 

That doesn’t mean my subconscious isn’t trying to mess with me. I had another dream about the wedding. This go-round it was one of those stereotypical “if it can go wrong, it went wrong” dreams. The flowers didn’t arrive. It rained cats and dogs. The iPod didn’t work. Rings disappeared. My friend, Janet, got a dog (that was a random part.) You name it. Things went wrong in this dream. I knew things would be fine when I woke up the next morning and told Sam about it.  Instead of worrying, we had a laugh and went back to sleep.

On a side note, we tried our wedding beer tonight.  It smells like a Belgian-style Trippel but tastes a little tart.  Sam seems concerned, but I'm not worried.  We have brewed before and we know that the flavors in the beer will continue to evolve in the bottle over the next month.  The brewers at the Shenandoah Brewing Company told us when we bottled to try our beer a month before we actually planned to serve it so we would notice the development of the flavors. I'm excited to toast our marriage in one month with our beer.  Its going to be one tasty toast!

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