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Monday, March 29, 2010

171 Days - Is that a cupcake?!

This evening, I sat down with my guilty pleasure- www.people.com.  (Don't judge.)  It was there that I read about Carrie Underwood's wedding cake plans, or more appropriately, CUPCAKE PLANS!  Carrie tells CMT Radio that she and her fiance are planning a wedding that is a "little bit different". . . "we're kinda doing cupcakes."  Excuse me?! There is no kinda about it, Carrie Underwood.  If you are doing cupcakes, you are doing cupcakes!

I consider Washington, DC my home, which means I am officially obsessed with all things cupcakes.  I love them!  DC boasts several cupcake shops.  The Washington Post directs readers to best bests for cupcakes in the city detailing such popular shops as Hello Cupcake, Baked & Wired, and the ever popular and super delicious, Georgetown Cupcake.  My office is just blocks away from Red Velvet Cupcakery, which is very convenient when picking up dessert for Sam and me on my way home from work.  My love of all things cupcakes is also fostered by my secret best friends that run Curbside Cupcake, the one and only cupcake truck that happens to stop by my office every Thursday around noon at which point I am compelled to announce its arrival to my entire cuberhood.

I suppose it doesn't come as a shock that Sam and I are "kinda doing cupcakes" for the wedding!  We looked into wedding cake, but my research showed me that the average cost of cake in DC is between $4-$7 per slice.  Cupcakes, on the other hand, can be purchased for around $2.75-3.50 per cupcake.  Of course, we could always go the sheet cake route via Giant or Safeway grocery stores, but neither Sam nor I care for buttercream frosting, nor are we interested in going into sugar shock on our wedding day.

Another reason we chose cupcakes is that we aren't limited in the flavors we choose for our wedding day.  With wedding cake, you might get one or two flavors in the cake.  We are planning on at least four to six different flavored cupcakes, which makes Sam happy because our guests will be able to choose what flavor they will enjoy the most.  He is a big fan of individual choice ;-)

We plan on booking Georgetown Cupcake for our special day.  They have the best deals in cupcakes and they have received the Rachel & Sam stamp of approval.  I am looking forward to this summer when TLC is showcasing the owners of Georgetown Cupcake, who also happen to be sisters, in a six-episode series aptly named "Cupcake Sisters".  There is nothing like preparing for your wedding by eating cupcakes and watching a show about the cupcakes you will have at your wedding!

*Image from Georgetown Cupcake

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