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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

289 Days - The Dream

I had my first wedding dream since getting engaged last night. I had to write it down because it cracked me up.

It was raining. My girls and I were doing our hair and makeup in a room attached to St. Joseph’s in Dannemora. Sam arrived on a submarine in a tuxedo. . . naturally. He and his groomsmen came up to the room where I was getting ready with my girlfriends to chat. He told me one of his groomsmen were concerned he would be very nervous on our wedding day, so they gave him a laxative. For some reason, I was convinced this wasn’t a problem. I asked Sam if he was certain he needed a laxative to help him relax and he said he didn’t think so. Exit laxative from dream.

Fast forward through me briefly waking up to one of the kittens licking my face and me putting her in the hall. . .

It’s wedding time! My girls and Sam leave to get lined up at the church entrance, which is on the other side of the building. So I am now by myself and I am getting dressed. . . except I realize that my girls took my wedding dress so it wouldn’t get wet as I wore it to get to the church entrance. I suddenly realize that I am running incredibly late!! I have one leg in my stockings and am wearing a red/orangey dress – running through the rain to get to the entrance of the church. . . no umbrella. I also notice another bride stalking around outside with her bridesmaids. Her dress was lovely. Apparently her ceremony is right after ours, which made me run faster. We must have been behind schedule. So I run into the church and there are a bunch of people I don’t recognize. I see these two red-headed boys wearing what can only be described as 70’s rust colored suits with bowties (yikes!) I finally find my girls and throw on my dress, which thankfully is only a quick zip and snap.

There ceremony begins. Fr. Chris is officiating. We hold hands, say our vows, kiss and that’s it. Married!

I am guessing this means that no matter what craziness ensues on our wedding day (I can probably guarantee there will be craziness), we will still be husband and wife. That makes me very happy.

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